Saturday, October 22, 2016

Halloween Costume DIY

I've never experienced halloween when I was a kid. But now, it's like everyone is celebrating it, even the small barangays. It's another opportunity for kids to dress up in costumes and who doesn't think dressing up is fun? 

I go online and in the mall to search for the best costume for my son, and to be honest the prices aren't cheap. I found the pikachu costume that I wanted but my husband pointed out that if Leon doen't like it, I'd be wasting P1,500 and I think he's right. My search is not over though, everyone will be in costumes and I'd like my son to be wearing one too.

The gods must have heard my search which led me to a Toys 'R Us pop-up shop in Shangri-La Plaza (beside Kidzoona). They were selling old costumes of okd popular characters like Teletubbies and Sesame Street. I was browing the display and found the yellow teletubbies costume, Tinky Winky. I suddenly have an idea to just rework the costume into a Pikachu! 

Tinky Winky's costume for only P150!
Remember the teletubbies? 

Removed the silver square in the middle portion.
Sewed the details, which was 4 brown patches on the sides and the tail.
And with a Pikachu hat, I think we nailed it! Everyone loved the costume and was following my son around the mall yesterday. But he was running around and enjoying the treats . He was a bit oblivious of him wearing a popular character. I am just happy he enjoyed the party.
Another photo of him, enjoying the carpet in one of the shops. 
After going around though, he wanted to remove his costume to enjoy his treats. Happy Halloween everyone!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Local love at HUB Escolta

The noon sun was up and the heat was scorching. After a quick trip to Quiapo and before we headed to Divisoria, Wesley and I took a time to visit the newly launched HUB in Escolta.

As we approach the First United Building (they arethe oldest building in Escolta and they have the oldest elevator too) you can can hear the spng Legs pipe up the speakers and see foreigners dancing on the side-street. Now that it somethingyou don't  see  often or hear anymore in Manila. Our curiosity was picqued and we can't wait to check out the discoveries inside. 

The entrance going to Hub is inside of the building, and there was a small exhibition that hang on the walls leading yo the entrance.
Stores of local items lined up in constructed booths. Handmade bags and pouches.
Local fashion.
Postcards, books and memorabilias.
I love these partition out of yarns and strings.
Flowers always make me smile.
Origami! I wish it were a thousand though.
Clay masks for the home.
Funky crafty signage.
Some unique wood pieces.
Canvas bags and aprons.
I almost bought this bag.
Another funky bag I'd llike to take home.
Some vintage and pop love.
Very unique General Merchandise.
The best time to visit may be at around 4pm, so it's so hot. Bring extra cash for the finds that you might stumble into. Take time to visit and share some love in Escolta. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Dapitan Arcade

Braving the afternoon heat, Wes and I took a jeep to Dapitan, out to explore for some items for the house and our other projects.

When we got there, we found out that our favorite shops that were situated outside were no longer there. We were bummed about it, but we were there on a mission so we just decided move inside and explore the arcade. 

As always, there are a lot of quirky finds and here are some of them.

From vintage sewing machines to snazzy Rimowa-like luggages, these coin banks add a special touch.

For those who are planning on Nautical themed party, now you know where to score these.

Ibjust found these lamps very unique.

You can find a lot of tin vintage signages also.

Resin cast wall decor for your coffee shop dreams.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

DIY Egg Surprise

My son loves Kinder Surprise Eggs. To be honest, even I love them too! But I do no want to spend P46 everyday on a chocolate and a small toy. So I decided to just to my own version.

We are celebrating Easter next week so most of the toystores are selling plastic eggs. I got 8 eggs for P79.

I also bought candy for P25 for the whole pack.

We buy a lot of extra toys that we keep for my son and I found these small cars that I can use (my son loves cars by the way).

I also snagged some Cars stickers at the bookstore P40 for both. The other designs were nicer but more expensive also and I just wanted thos project to be very cost efficient.

I just opened all the eggs and placed the goodies inside.

Inside I placed 2 candy packs, 1 toy and a cut up sticker.

Then I closed the eggs and decorated with stickers.

I did all these for about 30 minutes and I cannot wait for my son to wake up to see these. 
The great thing about this project is that you can reuse and redesign the eggs after they have been opened.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Take it Slow

Some people can really put pressure on us when we let them. Before my son turned two this year, he can only say the word "car" which bothered people around us. Yes, he'd keep on blabbing, but that's about it.

I have always kept calm about this situation, boys speak more later than girls someone told me and I believed that. Because I also took care of my younger cousins who are mostly girls and they really picked up words fast.

Another cousin, who has a son with the same age as mine shares the same sentiment. We always update each other, "has your son started talking already?" And of course there are signs of developmental health we have to watch out for as parents. Does your child look straight in your eyes when you call him? And all these other things that are put in your plate you have to think of while raising a child.

When you go online on social media, you see children of friends who are really fast speakers and they are so cute, and somehow wish your child would start talking also.

When my son turned two last October, my fears have been alleyed when one day I just woke up and my son has started to count, sing the alphabet and old mcdonald had a farm. Really, children develop at their own phase and we cannot rush them to be like the rest. There is no better teacher than having a child, where you  have to have the patience to re-learn the most basic things in life. Most days, you will hear me an my husband singing all these nursery rhymes together with our son. I find myself humming these rhymes also on my way to work, it is my LSS. To be honest, I love learning these things again with my son.

And everyday and everynight, as I wake up and before I go to sleep, I thank the universe for the strength and patience that I have.